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Mining Bitcoins with OpenWRT and RT-5350

Much respect and admiration goes to P_Shep on bitcointalk for the brilliant idea of compiling the CGMiner tool for the mipsel processor.  Read the original post here! With this build, and an OpenWRT-capable router (even a $15 one), you can … Continue reading

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Openschemes FT232 JTAG SVF Player V1.0

NOTE: For anyone who downloaded the zip file on 6/21/13 or 6/22/13, please redownload – that version was missing an item. A few years back, we coded up a bit-banged JTAG programmer for Xilinx CPLDs using the FT232.  It worked … Continue reading

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RT5350 Part I – HAME MPR-A1 Teardown

The MagiQuest project got the old braincells churning about how one of these home games might be networked in the backyard for Halloween or something.  One thing led to another, and a big old journey into the land of Wifi … Continue reading

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