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Frustrating IDA/GDB Error: Bad register name is passed to getreg: PSR

The spoiler is that IDA does not operate properly with openocd 0.8.0, and you need to use openocd 0.7.0. This one had us tearing our hair out!  Mostly because it’s unrecoverable, and immediately upon clicking OK to what seems to … Continue reading

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Airwheel Debug Port and Calibration

Welcome Back! This article continues our exploration of the Airwheel X3.  Last time, we disassembled the beast and took a peek around.  This time, we’ll break out the soldering iron and get to hackin’! Unknown (ahem) Target – Research and … Continue reading

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Airwheel X3 Teardown

Today we’re going to take a peek inside the clever and dangerous Airwheel X3.  We’ll show you how to disassemble the Airwheel, and also what’s inside an Airwheel.  Enjoy! For those who aren’t familiar, the Airwheel is kind of like … Continue reading

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