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Tis the season for low-cost White LED’s

Who DOESN’T need a big bag of white LED’s? They’re long-lasting and easy to drive, altogether ideal for those home hobby projects. But the price gouging? Ow! A buck an LED is really too expensive. And your other choice is … Continue reading

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Installing a PLCC EEPROM Socket onto a MOBO

If you’ve read the first part of this series, you already know how to remove an IC from a printed circuit board. Specifically, the IC we removed in our example is an EEPROM used as a BIOS, so we will … Continue reading

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Heat Gun Homebrew SMT Rework Tutorial

Hey, if you came from a direct link, be sure to check out part 2: Installing a Socket on this PCB Since it’s a Friday and we’re all taking it easy for a change, we’ll take this time to talk … Continue reading

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