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Mining Bitcoins with OpenWRT and RT-5350

Much respect and admiration goes to P_Shep on bitcointalk for the brilliant idea of compiling the CGMiner tool for the mipsel processor.  Read the original post here! With this build, and an OpenWRT-capable router (even a $15 one), you can … Continue reading

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Original Protek D620 Software Archive!

You may have seen some very old articles here about a datalogging multimeter called the Protek D620.  The support for this device (and maybe the manufacturer) are completely defunct.  So after recently digging out this old meter and using it … Continue reading

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Openschemes FT232 JTAG SVF Player V1.0

NOTE: For anyone who downloaded the zip file on 6/21/13 or 6/22/13, please redownload – that version was missing an item. A few years back, we coded up a bit-banged JTAG programmer for Xilinx CPLDs using the FT232.  It worked … Continue reading

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