RT5350 Part I – HAME MPR-A1 Teardown

With the mainboard out, we once again flip over to see the top side from another angle.  Unfortunately, this angle makes the SDRAM solder job look really bad, but hey – it works.  A bunch of them were done all in a row, and not every contestant can be the next top model..


Fig 7 – Front of Mainboard after Removal from Case

Finally, we end up with a pile of disassembled pieces.  This, of course, is what every device was MEANT to look like.  Enjoy.


Fig 8 -   Torn down MPR-L8

Now this, my friends – is only the beginning.  We’ve got this device serving files as a pocket-sized piratebox, attacking other WiFi routers (that we own) using aircrack, acting as a wireless/LAN based Samba server, and plenty more.  One was even used as a router!  Umm, for a while.  Then that one was repurposed too.

Keep an eye out for new articles in the upcoming weeks, detailing more advanced topics such as:

  • Accessing and abusing the Vendor Firmware
  • Upgrading the SDRAM and flash size
  • Building and flashing custom OpenWRT firmware (including how we and others broke the vendor encryption to allow this from the Vendor web interface)
  • Using the device as a portable, pocket-sized webserver, fileserver, chatserver, and troublemaker.

Until next time, happy hacking!

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