RT5350 Part I – HAME MPR-A1 Teardown

Keep in mind that you can click any of the images to see it full scale.


Fig 2 – HLK-RM04 and RM04 Development Kit

We’ll start with the RM04 module on top – as you can see, it’s pretty spartan.  Everything the module offers is essentially supplied by the RT5350 itself.  You’ve got the 5350 itself right in the center, a small 40MHz oscillator just above it, and a 16MB SDRAM to the right with the green sticker.  There is also a 4MB Flash chip on the back to hold the firmware, a couple of LEDs, and the header pins for plugging the module into your project.

Also in Fig 2, we can see the devkit on bottom.  This provides a place to plug one of the modules in, and supplies LAN jacks and magnetics as well as a MAX232 for the second serial port – the one used for RS232 to wifi transmission.

There’s also a primary serial port which is used for the Linux console that you can see wired up at the top of the board next to the power connector on the right.  That port is certainly more interesting, but that’s a topic for another day.

On to the MPR-L8!


Fig 3 – The MPR-L8 (Hame MPR-A1 Clone)

Above is a little better picture of the router itself.  The right end is the USB port, the left end is the LAN port, and you can see the controls in front there.  The small flat button is only used to display the remaining charge in a 4-LED bar on the side.

The slider just to the right of it chooses the operating mode: Left=OFF, Middle=Charge another device via USB, and Right = Normal Operation.  Finally, the small slit in the top is a window through which a red and blue LED shine to display the operating status.

To get at the guts, first pop the back cover off – it’s only held by plastic clips, and usually releases pretty easily.  Removing the back cover reveals the battery, which can be taken out but not yet unplugged, so it’s probably best to just leave it in place.  Next, get your tiniest jeweler’s screwdriver and remove the three phillips head screws indicated below.


Fig 4 – Removing the Back Cover and Three Screws

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