Back Up

Well it looks like the site has (mostly) survived the transfer of host, DNS, and many new versions of the tools running on the site.  What a pain!

You’ll notice the new look, hopefully smoother and more readable on mobile – except of course for the image sizing..  Which looks like it may need to be fixed manually per article.  Expect that done slowly over the next month, or perhaps never.  It’s definitely more readable on mobile, and the load times seem to have been greatly reduced.

They’ll be some more tuning here and there, so feel free to comment on anything broken you may find – it will surely get added to the TODO list.


In Progress – Paginate the long posts so the homepage doesn’t take 50 swipes to see the latest content.

TODO – Resurrect the old REB1200 posts that have been stolen from category and page view by the big bad SQL link demon.

TODO – Resurrect the subdomains for the old-schoolie projects

Welcome Back!

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