Blast from the Past – Fixed!

As most users are on this side of the site, we’ve ignored our meager beginnings until prodded by a polite beer enthusiast that one of the old-schoolie project directories was busted.  It’s true, all the image links had been railed by some agressive anti hotlinking maneuvers done around 2011 to prevent data whores from sucking our bandwidth.  Sorry folks!

But once it was corrected, browsing through was an entertaining blast from the past.  It’s great to see how far the oschemes project has come – we can’t help but think about the contributors that have come and gone in the past few years, and seeing these totally naught-ies (that’s 2000′s, pervs) garage web pages from when it was a one man show gave us a smile and some cheerfully reminiscent moments.  So thank you folks, and thank you too, readers.  We’ll have to do something for the winner of the one millionth pageview, coming up quick.  Maybe we’ll give away that wifi finder with the decapped chip.  It’s still working, you know, and is probably around here somewhere!  And unless the lucky winner tries to touch the chip and ruins all the bondwires it will continue to work for years to come, even in it’s full-color nude silicon glory.  Great stuff.


Check out the early dayz at

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