FT232 Bit Bang JTAG Programmer – Revision 0.11

The original rev had two issues that were immediately noted by BSVi.  First, the starting directory was hardcoded to c:temp with no error checking, which caused the program to bomb if that directory didn’t exist.  Second, the device was only searching for FTDI interfaces with the labels FT232B or FT232R, whereas BSVi’s interface was custom and used his own ID string.

This new version allows for the user to enter a custom string for matching the FTDI interface, as well as the ability to continue if the c:temp directory is not found.  Put yer custom string in the textbox right beneath the “Find All FTDI Interfaces” button.

Special thanks to BSVi for pointing out these issues, and keep em’ coming folks!  Remember, some user’s don’t have the VB6 environment so without a bug-free exe they’re out of luck!


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