Pandigital Novel ADB Debugger Driver (mirror). S3C6410 Android ADB Driver

This post is for all the people who can’t find the ADB USB driver for their Pandigital Novel.    It works for x32 and x64 and is Win7 verified.

This is not our creation, it was just a pain in the ass to obtain and we’d like to pollinate the web a little with something useful for a change.

Please mirror this to one of the many filesharing sites around. Post your mirror in the comments for all to enjoy..

And folks, PLEASE TRY THE MIRRORS BEFORE D/L FROM OUR SLOW SLOW SITE.  Treat us as a master backup that does not require registration

If we get hammered on bandwidth, we’re going to have to take it back down.

Go to page 2 to obtain the file link.

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