Toprammer – Open Source Python Software for TOP2049

Just for clarification – this is not one of our projects!  It’s just so awesome that we had to mention it.

This tool was mentioned in one of the comments on our article about the TOP2005, but since then we’ve had to go back looking for it several times, and decided that it was worth it’s own article/linky to act as a placeholder.

This tool has been expanded to TOPxxxx, and it definitely worth a download even if you don’t plan to go that deep in the guts of the programmer.  Michael Buesch (the author), gives his details of reverse engineering of the protocol as well as the schematic of the TOP2049 device – sweet!

It’s all in Python, so if you’re one of those d00dz that can read Python like it’s fine literature, you should be loving life right about now.  Infinitely tweakable, and a very good looking GUI makes this a gem of open-source software.  So get hackin!

Go get TOPRAMMER now from FreshMeat

Fig 1 – TOPRAMMER 0.7 Screenshot

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