ZeroPlus Logic Cube – The Modification!

Build Details IV – Identity Crisis

We apologize in advance that we’re going to have to punt on this section – the powers that be are giving it a thumbs down. The final part of turning a 16032 into a 32128 is to convince the software that it is talking to an actual 32128. Once the software is convinced that the device has 32 channels and 128k of RAM, it will go fetch 32 channels and 128k of RAM. Now it’s all well and good to solder new resistors onto your board, but “soldering new resistors” into software is somehow seen as distasteful. Meh.
Long story short – you’re on your own here. What we can tell you is that each model has a unique USB PID stored in the 93LC46B serial EEPROM attached to the GL-660 over by the USB jack. The VID/PID is fetched by the software and based on what it finds, the software decides how many channels and how much RAM to fetch when a trigger is detected

We suppose you could try modifying the EEPROM or the software, but again, we don’t know and certainly won’t discuss the details of either. Nor will comments discussing either be allowed. A better route would be to investigate the protocol used to talk to the device so an open-source software replacement could be written! We’re currently trying to drum up interest in this endeavor with some of the folks from other open-source logic analyzer projects, so if you know someone that is a part of those projects or you yourself are part of one, drop us a line and let us know if you’re interested.

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