Full Bootup text of SPMP8000

For reference, the full bootup text of the SPMP8k will be listed here.   I mean, it’s interesting, but is is truly article-worthy?   Probably not.   So that’s why we’re disclaiming all liability by telling you right now: The bootup text is cryptic and not very entertaining to read unless you like that sort of thing.   And if you do, go download the source code to ecos and it will be VERY interestng to read and follow along with.

Previously, we only showed the boot text up to the RedBoot prompt.   Here we let the device run all the way until normal mode.   Since we plug USB to start this transaction, the device immediately goes into USB transfer mode after it touches normal mode – that’s all the unmount FAT and invalidate Nand cache stuff down at the bottom, FYI.

You may note that some of the original copyright text remains unchanged in the software, but the GPL strings have been deleted.   Now we’re no experts, but it seems to us that simply deleting the GPL string does not actually release you from the bindings of the GPL.   We will write to Suncom and ask them for the source code, but our hopes are not high.   Anyone with suggestions on how to enforce a GPL in the badlands of Shenzhen please comment.

The boot text will be on the next page as it is pretty long and would overwrite all the other stuff on the front page.   Just continue on to see it.

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