Serving ROMs to the REB1200

Howdy REB-lovers! Welcome back for another article on the REB1200. We know that the first article was filled with teasers and grandiose claims, so now it’s our chance to start backing it up..

REB1200 RebLibrarian Bookshelf full of ROM files
Fig 1 – What, your bookshelf contains books? Novel idea…

The essential tool of the day is RebLibrarian. This tool is a Windows-based proxy server that emulates (exceptionally well, I may add) the now defunct Gemstar servers.

NOTE: This is a great example of why people hack consumer electronics. Because jackasses like Gemstar set up layers of oppressive security to protect their $9.99 ebook sales and then go out of business, screwing all the customers who didn’t leech the raw data via a proxy such as RebLibrarian.

OK, soapbox done. As you may have guessed, RebLib acted as an interposer between your 1200 and the Gemstar server. By setting your 1200 to point to your own PC running RebLib, you could browse and fetch your Gemstar-hosted books which would then be backed up on your local PC for when the vendor inevitably goes out of business for spending all their money on DRM instead of content.

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